Maruti 800 with Bharat Mobi EV kit

For many of us, a glimpse of the Maruti 800 leaves us feeling nostalgic. For some, it was the first car they ever had. For others, it was a car that facilitated years of good times. Its release was met with celebration—it was a technological marvel of its time. Using this moment of nostalgia and keeping the feel of the widely-adored car, Bharat Mobi explored the possibilities of retrofitting Maruti 800 and successfully achieved its first milestone by innovating it into an all-new EV.

We replaced the petrol engine assembly of the Maruti 800 with Bharat Mobi EV kit with integrated new-age technologies like regenerative braking, gearless driving, telematics and a speed of 80 km/hr. Adding the benefit of no engine noise, Bharat Mobi has given a new life to the widely adored car, a boon to those who prefer an automatic transmission.

Experimenting with the car that is synonymous with the Indian middle class, Bharat Mobi has successfully delivered an affordable EV-retrofitting solution. Being the first prototype, retrofitting Maruti 800 holds a special place in the team’s hearts.


BharatMobi-Electrifying Mobility

Maruti 800 with Bharat Mobi EV kit
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