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BharatMobi is an EV retrofitting start-up working towards conversion of conventional cars into pure electric.

EV Retrofitting is the process of conversion of conventional cars into pure electric. By completely replacing the combustion powertrain with brand new EV powertrain.

BharatKit refers to the India’s first Universal kit that can be used to retrofit a wide range of cars- front wheel drive.

It refers to the process of conversion kits that are to be designed and developed to achieve the desired range and other performance specifications for the EV conversion.

Please visit the Bharat Kit section for the eligibility for BharatKit installation.

Yes the kits are certified. The kits are certified by ARAI and ICAT.

Please visit the products section of our website for better details.

We expect the vehicle to be in drivable conditions with wheel-assembly, brake system and steering assembly to be intact along with the chassis.

It doesn’t matter is the combustion powertrain as any maintenance issues.

Select the product offerings. If it is:

BharatKit- Find the eligibility of your car. Pay the token Amount. Get the timeline and deliver the vehicle. We will do the rest.

Customized Kit- Fill your requirements and submit. The team shall revert with the quote and timelines.

All vehicles can be converted and electrified. But BharatKit can be installed in the front wheel drives.

If it is BharatKit, then the cost of conversion will be 5Lakhs.

In case of a customized kit. The conversion will depend on the desired specifications.

The approximate time for conversion is 50-80 days.

Yes, there are provisions for Loan and insurance. Please contact the team for more details.

We have partnered with a various service provider across the country for support and services to customers.

The initial payment must be made online as a token amount. Further payments can be done using netbanking, cheque book etc.

Currently we expect the customer to handle the shipment of vehicle.

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